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What's Your Sign?

Aug 6, 2018

Your hosts are joined this week by power duo Tony Soto (@thetonysotoshow) and Casey Ley (@caseyley) of the Gay Power Half Hour Podcast!  They get into charts and explore the guys' friendship. Stevie (@spaghetti_witch) bonds with Tony over their midwestern roots.  Lisa (@asilnoux) attends Magic Mike Live in Vegas. Julia (@julialoken) explains the "nature vs. nurture" pieces of astrology.  Tony starts off skeptic because of an evil stepmother. Casey cries in the ocean.

Instagram: @whatsyoursignpodcast

Twitter: @whatsYrSign_Pod



Artwork: Alexa Viscius @alexavisciusphoto

Theme Music: Honor Nezzo @nezzzie of BEGINNERS (