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What's Your Sign?

Oct 29, 2018

The girls get together to discuss the current transit, Venus Retrograde!  Stevie (@spaghetti_witch) has a tough day. Lisa (@asilnoux) has a religious experience in Delaware. Julia (@julialoken) admits her jealousy.

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Twitter: @whatsYrSign_Pod

Oct 22, 2018

The girls are overjoyed in this week's episode as they are joined by hilarious and witchy comedian Bri Pruett (@bripruett). Bri brings the girls sparkling water to match her sparkling personality! Julia (@julialoken) gets cursed at a music festival. Lisa (@asilnoux) gets a scam crystal off of instagram....

Oct 15, 2018

Whaddaya know about nodes?  The gals get the gigs and probe into nodes.  Stevie (@spaghetti_witch)'s experience at a vegan Mac & Cheese festival inspires a game of What's Your Mac?  Julia (@julialoken) reveals a past as a baby climber.  Lisa (@asilnoux) lies about another placement.

Oct 8, 2018

The gals get together for some Whispering Angel and to find out what the "13th sign" Ophiuchus is all about.  Thanks to Leah at the Aquarium Vintage in Melbourne for our amazing gift! Julia (@julialoken) and Lisa (@asilnoux) go to see the Eagles at the Forum. Stevie (@spaghetti_witch) recalls an old relative's...

Oct 1, 2018

Teresa Lee joins the hosts of WYS? for some fun crystal and drug talk and natal chart reading!  Teresa (@leresatee / @leeicedtea) has fun experience at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Julia (@julialoken) finds her inner child. Lisa (@asilnoux) researches crystals for her stand up. Stevie (@spaghetti_witch) goes to a...