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What's Your Sign?

Apr 30, 2018

Hot off the presses: a Neptune ep! The gals talk about hearing their own voices, and don't even mention the Little Mermaid!! Lisa (@asilnoux) feels the effects of Mercury Retrograde. Stevie (@spaghetti_witch) writes a letter to her boss.  Julia (@julialoken) is afraid to steal.

Apr 23, 2018

Hot off the presses, a Uranus episode! The gals get together and gripe about their respective boyfriend's home habits.  Julia (@julialoken) has a retrograde week with some car trouble. Stevie (@spaghetti_witch) has bedframe drama. Lisa (@asilnoux) tests to see if the gals are sociopaths.  


Apr 16, 2018

The gang is back to talk about their favorite treats, facebook groups and general products. Stevie (@spaghetti_witch) tells us all our life lessons through our Saturn placements. Julia (@julialoken) gives tips on going through your first Saturn return. Lisa (@asilnoux) admits a dark childhood secret.


Apr 9, 2018

Welcome to a glorious Jupiter episode.  Hosts Julia (@julialoken), Stevie (@spaghetti_witch), and Lisa (@asilnoux) talk branding, marketing and haters. Lisa gets offended by a targeted instagram ad.  Julia admits a rockabilly past. Stevie gets an unexpected compliment from her grandpa. Julia and Lisa reminisce about a...

Apr 9, 2018

Get ready for a tipsy mars ep! Who has seen which celebrities (they're just like us) out in LA? Julia (@julialoken) tries to hide from a famous skateboarder. We find out Stevie's (@spaghetti_witch) true tarot card. Lisa (@asilnoux) doubts her placement and gets emotional.


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