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What's Your Sign?

Sep 14, 2020

SUP MARS RETROGRADE. From Sept 9 thru Nov 13, Mars will be Retrograde in Aries where it has been for a long ass time! We discuss what the energy feels like Mars when "takes it easy". We also discuss weeeeed maaaan, built-ins, "The Boutique", responding vs reacting, and ugly ass CORDS and POWER STRIPS!!! :P 

Follow your...

Sep 7, 2020

Time has come again <<<TIME!>>> Hi cuties! On today's episode we discuss PLANETARY DAYS & HOURS! We discuss what literal days and literal hours are ruled by which of the 7-core-OG Planets and who reigns over what, what activities are best for the day's energy, how the SEVEN DAY WEEK literally being invented by the...